Austrian Achievement Unlocked – Licensed to Drive

So a few weeks ago I kicked off my birth month in style by finally getting my Austrian Driver’s License! Ideally I had been hoping to get this ticked off the bucket list before my 25th birthday but the practical tests at my driving school are only held on Thursdays and so I had some scheduling issues when booking a spot.

Not that any of that matters now because the important thing is that I passed and am officially licensed to drive baby!
Sure I may be one of the last people in my circle of friends to get it done but hey, everyone knows the cool kids get their DIVING license before their DRIVING license! 😉

The process of getting a license here in Austria was, unsurprisingly, much more complicated than getting one in Fiji and of course wayyy more expensive. Come to think of it, when I add it all up this has to be THE biggest personal expenditure in my life thus far. Even more than the bond for my flat or pricey flights home to Fiji.

BUT in the end it was something I not only had to but wanted to do and I know it’s an investment for my future. Besides, what with the low fuel prices of late and me now being old enough to rent a car without the ridiculous surcharges for “under 25s”, there really was no better time!

Now it’s time to plan some road trips and of course update my road trip playlists!

I leave you with this somewhat silly photo that my driving instructor asked me to pose for right after I’d passed my practical. “For our Facebook page.” Obviously.

Officially licensed to drive

Practical Passed – Check. Goofy Grin – CHECK.


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